Behind the Scenes 2011

In the summer of 2011, we documented the dialogue and filmmaking activities taking place at Pemberton and UBC to give you an inside look at how our program unfolds.  The result was 7 short films that follow the process; from building trust to creating films.


First Steps

Through a series of dialogue sessions and trust building exercises, the 2011 participants take the first steps in getting to know each other.


Hopes & Fears

Young Israeli, Palestinian and Canadian university students discuss their hopes and fears coming into the 2011 Peace it Together filmmaking and dialogue program.



Land, custom, family, belonging ... Home is key to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. In this short video Peace it Together participants discuss their concept of home and how their feelings and perceptions have evolved over the course of the dialogue sessions.



The participants came into the Peace it Together program with varied perspectives on the conflict ... points of view which aren't easily reconciled. While the dialogue sessions and trust-building exercises promoted honesty and openness, hearing how the 'other' truly feels was a challenging experience.



Peace it Together participants were asked to write haikus or short poems as a way to distill their experience in the dialogue sessions. The result was an inspiring expression of the creative process.


Building peace, frame by frame

As a follow-up to the dialogue sessions, Peace it Together participants work together to create short films that express their viewpoints on the conflict. In this short video, Film Mentors and students discuss the filmmaking process.


Sustaining the Impact

Executive Director Reena Lazar speaks about the role of filmmaking in the Peace it Together program while participants discuss plans to screen their films back home.




Produced by Peace it Together in association with

  and JIG Productions 

Hallenbeck Consultants

Gloria Davies - Producer/Director
Paolo Di Persico
 - Camera/Sound
Jessica Hallenbeck - Camera/Sound/Editor
Rami Azzam - Production Manager
Dima AlAnsari - Camera/Sound Assistant
Omar Chu - 1st Assistant Editor
Josephine Anderson - 2nd Assistant Editor
Gabriel Adelman - 3rd Assistant Editor
Production Assistants: Kate Tung, Patricia Marcoccia