A letter of encouragement from former participant Mahmoud Jabari

A few days ago, Mahmoud Jabari, a participant in our 2008 program, sent this letter of support to the 30 Israeli, Palestinian and Canadian students currently involved in the Peace it Together program.

Omar, Mahmoud and '08 Film mentor, Eric.

Dear Brothers & Sisters, participants at Peace it Together 2011, 

At the beginning, I send you the greeting of love, hope & peace.

I hope that you are doing well, and enjoying your time in Canada.

It is my pleasure and honor to share parts of my experience at Peace it together in 2008.

I am writing my words while remembering very dear memories at Peace it Together in 2008, which contributed to form the Who I Am today, and who I will be in the future.  I am remembering my conversations with my tent mates (Avner & Jeremy), in which I was realizing that we were sharing a lot of common things, a lot of common hopes and a lot of dreams regarding our future as persons, and the future of our people as neighbors. You are having the opportunity that a lot of people do not have to go through the same and maybe better experience, which is going to be memorable for the rest of you lives.

One thing I have realized later after the camp is that we can never make good friendship or go through nice times with the other side, unless we go through deep discussions, in which we speak honestly and respectfully. From here, I invite you to listen carefully to the other side, feel every story you hear from other side, imagine that you are the one who live this story and then reflect.

My experience at Peace it Together, has taught me that it is not only about my story, but it is about two sides who live side by side, very close to each others, sharing the same land, the same future, meanwhile, huge borders exist between them as a result of the painful history for them both. Therefore, the mission that we should be part of is breaking the borders that prevent us from seeing the human face of the other side.

Every one of us is going to have an important position one day, you are planting the seeds to enable yourself to use your future positions to spread peace and love among our nations. I was lucky enough that I got the opportunity to plant the seeds that will enable me to teach my children in the future the values of respect, hope, love and peace. For me, this is the most important position I look forward to have in the future.

Wish You All the Best

Yours Sincerely:
Mahmoud Jabari

Peace it Together 2008