A sense of excitement as dialogue sessions begin

Two days and nights now since we arrived.  The lodge where we’ll stay for the next week is located in a beautiful river valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains, near Pemberton, B.C.  

There’s a wonderful feeling of excitement and discovery as the students get to know each other. They recovered quickly from their long journey and brought enthusiasm and focus to the discussion of their hopes and fears, the community building exercises they participated in, and reflections on their personal conflict styles. That first afternoon, they took part in a media literacy workshop that provided insight into how these experiences will inform the filmmaking portion of the program.

Students’ discussion during breaks, over meals and in the evening’s free time has been passionate, as one would expect from a diverse, politically conscious group of university students. Recreation in the form of improvised soccer games on the lawn, music making around the campfire and twice-daily yoga sessions, is energized and there’s an atmosphere of curiosity, compassion and fun.

Keep checking our blog to stay updated on how the program unfolds.  We'll have some interesting behind-the-scenes footage to be showing you over the next couple of weeks.