Composer Gil Talmi gives participants guidance on music & sound

This week, world-renowned composer, Gil Talmi, joined us at UBC to present workshops on the use of sound and music in film. Gil’s music has been used in movies and documentaries around the world, with a specific focus on films that work for peace and social change.

In individual sessions with each group, Gil worked with participants to understand the central concepts and emotions they wanted to express. As they watched the rough-cut of their film together, Gil helped each group translate their ideas and feelings into musical scores that would convey the deep meaning of their stories. After offering potential music pieces, the group dialogued together to decide which scores they felt best fit their films.

Many thanks to Gil for offering us the use of his music and expertise in this year’s films; we look forward to finding out what peace sounds like for these particular youth.

You can browse through Gil's compositions at