Diversify Your Media Sources

If you have been following the news about the bombing of Gaza, the rockets into Israel, and the current ceasefire, then you probably have one or more favourite news source that you go to. And it’s likely that you choose your sources—knowingly or unknowingly—because they are in line with your values and biases.

You are probably also aware that journalists can define, shape, and often exacerbate conflict by the facts they include, the stories they choose to cover, by those they omit, by the way they use language, and by their own biases and sources they use.  They can even encourage polarization and extremism by marginalizing certain parties and by only quoting their most extreme members and positions.

Since creating media is central to the Peace it Togetherprogram, participants come to the realization that it is our responsibility to be smart consumers of media. This involves getting the news from a variety of sources, questioning what we read, and seeing the grey areas.

The Peace it Together films Spectrum (2011) and Turning the Lens (2008) co-created by Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian youth, both address this challenge.


In the metaphoric drama Spectrum (4 minutes), a newspaper delivery man discovers the significance of expanding one''s perspective.



In the documentary Turning the Lens (9 minutes)participants explore how the mass media has contributed to their personal mis-impressions and stereotypes.

The more sources one compares, the more accurate the picture that can be put together.

Consider getting your information from new and varied sources.  If you typically go to Israeli sources, try Palestinian sources, and vice versa.  If you typically go to left-wing sources, try the more central or right-wing outlets, or vice versa. If you are only taking in information from mass media, consider independent news outlets that strive to publish stories that cannot be found on the mainstream media.

The following Palestinian, israeli and joint media resources cover daily news in English, and may be of interest to our readers. This is not an exhaustive list, nor are we endorsing any particular media outlet. 

Joint Israeli/Palestinian News:
+972 Magazine
The Alternative Information Centre

Palestinian media:
Ma''an News Agency
Electronic Intifada
WAFA Palestinian News and Information

Israeli media:
Jerusalem Post
Ynet News