Film concepts emerge

Peace it Together 2011 has just moved to the University of British Columbia!  A lot of ground was covered over the past 10 days in Pemberton, BC, through trust building exercises and facilitated dialogue.  As a result, a strong feeling of community has developed among the participants.

Now that everyone is settled after the move to UBC, the creative process has begun. The participants spent their first morning at UBC sharing their story concepts for their films.  The result was more than thirty diverse ideas, envisoned narratives, and descriptive images posted around the room.  Film mentors then collected feedback from everyone on each idea, generating discussions, deepening the concepts, while grouping themes together. The next step is to narrow it down to ten, and then create the film groups that will develop each concept further.  Here are some of the ideas that came out of today’s sessions:

  • Dancing: Many of the participants are dancers so this was a popular idea: a film that will look beyond a story, but rather, dance as an artform to express unity.
  • Lives not Lived: A film about the futures that are lost because of conflict.
  • Breadmaking: A film that plays to visualizations of unity and conflict through the creation of two national breads with very similar ingredients: pita and challah.

If you have feedback or any ideas of your own that you’d like to share, we'd love it if you left a comment below.

The first few days here at UBC will be an intensive learning experience as participants go through a series of workshops designed to familiarize them with the upcoming filmmaking process.  They will cover storytelling, improv and pitching workshops, to camera handling, sound-design and interview techniques. Everyone is in high spirits and very excited for July 22nd, the first day of shooting.  We'll be keeping you posted on how things are going and have some more short films coming up, so stay tuned!