Meet the Peace it Together 2011 participants

Music by Peace it Together participant Basil Khoury.

Canadian Delegation

Anita: 20 years old from Vancouver, BC.  1st year arts student.
Tim: 21 years old from Surrey, BC.  3rd year Communications student.
Jenni-Leigh: 25 years of from Vancouver, BC.  
Pardis: 20 years old from Port Moody, BC. 2nd year Sociology student.
Daniel: 21 years old from North Vancouver, BC. English/Film Studies student.
Brigid: 26 years old from Toronto, Ontario.  Culture and Communications Masters student.
Victor: 20 years old from Vancouver, BC.  Fine/Performing Arts and Filmmaking student, 1st year.
Julien: 25 years old from Vancouver, BC.  Going into his final year in International Studies.
Daniel W.: 25 years old from Vancouver, BC. Studies International Development.
Fatima: 25 years old from Mississauga, Ontario.

Palestinian Delegation

Shams: 22 years old from Bethlehem. 4th year Education student specializing in History and Geography.
Omar: 22 years old from Hosaena Village.  4th year Accounting student.
Ansar: 21 years old form Bethlehem. 2nd year Business Administration student.
Ayat: 20 years old from Hebron. 3 year student studying to be an English Teacher.
Ibrahim: 20 years old from Bethlehem. 2nd year Administrative and Financial Studies student.
Khalil: 22 years old from Hebron. 4th year IT student.
Maram: 22 years old from Wadi Al Joz, Jerusalem. 5th year Business Administration and Accounting student.
Amal: 20 years old from Jerusalem/Bethlehem. 3rd year Education student with a Minor in Arabic.
Mohammed: 23 years old from Jerusalem.  4th year Accounting Student.
Basil: 20 years old from Bethlehem.  2nd year student studying Computer Information Systems.

Israeli Delegation

Shoni: 24 years old from Tel-Aviv. 2nd year History and Jewish Culture student.
Sofia: 26 years old from Kiryat Shmona.  2nd year Communications and Journalism student.
Rotem: 26 years old from Kibbutz Maagan Michael/Kibbutz Dafna. 3rd year Education student.
Nir: 26 years old from Kfar Shmaryahoo. 2nd year student studying Middle East Studies, Arabic Language and Culture Studies.
Iftach: 24 years old from Ra'anana.  2nd year Musicology and Philosophy student.
Daniella: 22 years old from Geva Benjamin. 2nd year International Relations  student.
Liran: 25 years old from Herzliya. 2nd year Political Science and Geography student.
Chen: 26 years of from Kibbutz Amir. 3rd year Science and Humanities/Alternative education student.
Inbar: 26 years old from Kibbutz Ein Ashofet. 1st year student studying History, Education and Law.
Shai: 28 years old from Kibbutz Beit Ha'amek. 2nd year Industrial Design student.