Peace it Together grateful for ceasefire, urges leaders to strengthen commitment to non-violent negotiation

Last week all of us here at Peace it Together heeded the news of a ceasefire in the Gaza strip with relief and caution. After eight days of the most intense fighting in the region since 2008-2009, we were grateful an agreement had been reached that would put an end to any further loss of life, injury, trauma, and displacement.

That said, a short-term truce does not guarantee individuals’ sense of security. This ceasefire simply serves as a return to the status quo; a situation understood by citizens, local and international leaders alike to be dangerous, volatile, and unsustainable. 
While we commend those whose actions led to the ceasefire, it is now imperative that these same parties demonstrate their resolve to forging a long-term, peaceful solution to the conflict, by continuing to participate in non-violent negotiation. The issues at hand are complex and multifaceted, but progress can only be made when all sides strengthen their commitment to engage in earnest dialogue, and foster a climate in which a peaceful solution can be reached.

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