Putting experiences into poetry

After 6 full days of dialogue, participants broke off into small groups yesterday and were asked the question “what do you most want people to know about what has been personally challenging for you in the conflict?”

It was a difficult experience for most, as they listened to painful memories and stories told from perspectives that many of them had never heard before.  As a way of debriefing this exercise, participants were given quiet time to write poems, or Haikus, which were then shared with the group.

Here is a small collection of their poetry.

lost ones taken by angels
stones that mark our lives
and still, hope
amidst an uncertain future
and a cruel world
smiles and love rise above
all that seeks to conquer our will


Plastic flowers
city always runs for money
put back together with some glue


Facing a story
Without a face
Is like facing a face
Without a story


It's the ups and downs
Making you learn, burn
We ain't nothing but DUST!


Looking at Ayat
I feel so much for her but
I remain seated


Placed on a Table
My vulnerability
Yours, ours, together


Unique experience
Emotions get higher
With peaceful desire