The Biggest Problem In The Conflict

Over the past five weeks, thousands of Palestinians and dozens of Israelis have been killed and so many more have been injured and are in mourning.  How is it that human beings have let this happen? 

One explanation comes from peace activist Aziz Abu Sarah in this very short clip (1 minute and 20 seconds) as he explains that the biggest problem in conflict is when you start believing that you are more moral and ethical than those on the other side.

In the Peace it Together film In the Presence of Absence the three filmmakers (one Palestinian, one Israeli, and one Canadian) depicted how both sides use a variety of "reasoning" to prove their respective superiority and to dehumanize the others, until they come to a simple revelation at the end.



Take 4 minutes to watch In the Presence of Absence

Click on the closed captions (cc) icon at the bottom for subtitles in Arabic or Hebrew.

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