Our Mission

Empowering youth to build peace
through dialogue and filmmaking.

It is unreasonable to expect youth to come to a peaceful resolution to a regional conflict if they are growing up in an environment of fear, anger, and alienation. Our programs are designed specifically to overcome these hurdles, while at the same time giving youth educational tools to disseminate to wider audiences, and facilitating their transition to community leaders.

The Problem

In many conflict and post-conflict areas around the world, generations of youths are being separately raised in similar environments of alienation, anger, and fear. It discourages them from working toward peace while encouraging them to maintain the cycle of violence. These feelings are largely motivated by deeply-rooted beliefs about who is right and who is wrong, conflicting collective narratives and historical memories, and a belligerent social climate.

It is therefore no wonder that young people are especially prone to internalizing the stereotypes taught by their teachers, leaders, parents, friends and the media, and that many of them see violence as the only viable option to resolve the conflict they were born into. If nothing is done to change this trend, there is little hope that future generations will have the motivation or skills to transform their societies into safe, secure and productive environments.

What’s missing from many conflict discourses are real human stories that inspire people to engage with each other. Not one-sided narratives - but stories from both sides, told together.

Our Approach

Peace it Together unites young people from opposing sides of conflict through a program of dialogue and filmmaking.  The youth connect deeply through dialogue and creative exploration, and then in small teams, co-create short films about the conflict that will be shared widely with others. The intense personal work that participants experience before and during the filmmaking process contributes to the creation of highly creative and poignant films.

The enduring films are intended to inspire others who want to make new connections with, and learn more about, their so-called enemies and ultimately see the value of working together to build peace. Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of people from areas of conflict engaged in peace-building.

Our vision is communities throughout the world engaged in peace-building.